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Conditions of Sale and Delivery

1.General Conditions 

1.1 All of the products and information shipped or provided to you by us aresubject to the following provisos, terms and conditions, and are deemed to apply except when specifically addressed by us in writing.

1.2 The placing of an order with us, or acceptance of any good shall be conclusiveproof of your acceptance of these provisos, terms and conditons.

1.3 We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of delivery, on written notice to you, at any time before delivery.


2.Prices and Payment

2.1 All prices are in CAD.

2.2 Shipping and taxes ,where applicable, are not included

2.3 We accept payment by VISA, Mastercard or Certified Cheque.

2.4 Prices are subject to change without notice


3.1 Delivery of all our products will be made at the earliest possible opportunity, but will depend on several conditions. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery in Canada, depending on the nature of the item, out of Canada delivery may take longer because of customs procedures.

3.2 In the event of a force major, we reserve the right to extend delivery dates, upon notice to you.

4.Shipping outside of Canada

4.1 Bioresonance Technologies ships worldwide. We will gladly assist you if a Rayonex distributor cannot be found in your own country; but, we cannot be held responsible for local regulations which may affect the importing of Rayonex products into your country. All such shipments are therefore at the customers own risk. It is the customers responsibility to pay any local duties, release fees, etc. 


5.1 Backorder items will be shipped a.s.a.p. free of shipping-charge.

6.Warranties for Parts and Labour

6.1 Our products are warrented free of defective parts and labour for 6 month following delivery. Our liability is expressly limited to the costs of material and labour. All claims must be made within 6 month by return of the defective device or part.

6.2 We cannot be held responsible for product failure arising from misuse or unpropper use, natural or reasonable wear and tear. The determination of such product failure cases shall be deemed to be ours, and you expressly agree to abide by our decision. 

7.Privacy Policy

7.1 It is our strict policy not to disclose buyer’s information to a third party. 

8.Limits of our Liability

We accept no liability for damages caused to you by a Rayonex product. The Bioresonance Technology according to Paul Schmidt has been proven safe and effective for more than 30 years for most people. However, these are energy-based products and might not be suitable for all people or all applications. These products are experimental. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Let us remind you that any given information, advice or suggestion for solving problems in this publication cannot replace a visit to your physician or a naturopath doctor. Please also note that the effects of bio-energetic oscillation are not acknowleded by conventional medicine for now.

9.Place of Jurisdiction

The place of the agreement is Kingston, ON, Canada. The Supreme Court of Ontario shall have jurisdiction over the enforcement of this.

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