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Sickle detector (large)

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Sickle detector large

The sickle detector has been specifically designed for the use of Bioresonance according to...more

The sickle detector has been specifically designed for the use of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt in veterinary medicine. Especially in the area of the musculoskeletal system in horses or dogs can the sickle detector reveal energetic weaknesses or even injuries.

Due to the fact that the sickle detector can be moved directly along the leg of the dog or horse, a localization of injuries of for example the hock-, fetlock- or pastern joint is possible.

The sickle detector can also be used to detect energetic imbalances in the area of the spine.

Due to its shape, it can be used directly on the spine for scanning of the vertebral body and thus covers the analysis of the vertebral body, the adjacent muscles and the nerve tissue.

The sickle detector has been developed in a smaller and a larger version. The small sickle detector has an inner diameter of approximately 15 cm, the larger one of about 18 cm. The small sickle detector is meant for the use in dogs, and the larger one for the use in horses.

Each sickle detector comes with a 5.0 m long connection cable.

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